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The Chair for "Infrastruktur und Rechnersysteme in der Informationsverarbeitung" (IRI) was newly founded at Frankfurt University in Dezember 2010 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Udo Kebschull. Its roots can be traced from Heidelberg University to Leipzig University and even further, constantly dealing with research and development of efficient computer systems which are highly optimized for special purposes. Therefore, current research focuses on the development of microchip-aided (FPGA) data acquisition and processing (DAQ) of different physical experiments as well as in the control and management of widely spread heterogeneous computing clusters (SysMES). Major project participations such as the particle accelerators in Geneva (CERN) or Darmstadt (FAIR) with their highly critical demands are characterizing the daily routines. Furthermore, IRI has cooperations with the local industry to be able to transfer its knowledge and experiences into products and applications, predominantly focusing on highly performant, flexible and short-time available FPGA solutions with high potential. IRI is currently located in the center of Frankfurt (Bockenheim) in the "Juridicum", rooms 106 to 113 and can be reached under the following address:

Infrastruktur und Rechnersysteme in der Informationsverarbeitung (IRI)
Hauspostfach 23
Senckenberganlage 31
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49-69-798-12600
Fax.: +49-69-798-12609