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OLAT (Online Learning and Training) is an open source learning management system (LMS) for interactive learning and work, developed at the University of Zurich. OLAT offers professors and students advanced online learning concepts and a great deal of flexibility.

Possibilities for Teachers

  • Support of a "real-life" course with exercises and supplementary materials (blended learning)
  • Course modules can be set up for various teaching scenarios
  • Teaching material (PDFs, videos, screencasts etc.) can be made available online
  • Communication amongst teachers and course participants
  • Evaluation (exercises, surveys, tests und self tests)
  • Set up learning groups and work groups
  • Integrate Web 2.0 applications (Wiki, forum, chat)
  • E-portfolios

Possibilities for Students

  • Access to published course materials and course elements
  • Complete tests, work on exercises or set up projects
  • Create and organize course-independent work groups
  • Discussions in forums and chat rooms
  • Work together with Wikis
  • E-mail and RSS
  • E-portfolios

Benefits of OLAT

  • Encouragement of interactive learning
  • Documentation and reuseability of teaching and learning content
  • Use of multimedia applications

If you would like to find about more about OLAT, please get in touch with the Kompetenzzentrum Lernsysteme or sign up for one of the OLAT Workshops.


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