How to Create a Course in OLAT

Central Learning Management System OLAT

OLAT (Online Learning and Training) is an innovative platform which offers a great deal more flexibility for professors and students (for example, one can create course-independent work groups with their own forums and Wikis).

Please note: Tuesdays between 8:30 am and 10:30 am is Update time in OLAT. During this maintenance period the learning management system may not be available. Should OLAT not be available outside this period, please write an email to:

Access to OLAT

Sign on to OLAT:

OLAT Login
You need a HRZ-Account (Login and Password) in order to sign on. You should have received this along with your Goethe-Card.

Did you forget your password?
Please visit the Service Center.

How to change the language settings in OLAT

After Login you can access 'Einstellungen' in the menu on your homepage. Select 'System' and you find the language selection dropdown menu next to 'Sprache'. Save (Speichern).

At your next login, OLAT will use the English settings for your courses.

How to create a course with OLAT (Authors)

Click on the tab "Learning Resources". Create your course with the toolbox "Create" or the toolbox "Import". If the toolboxes "Create" and "Import" are not displayed, you do not have authoring privileges yet. Please send us an email:

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide (linked below). Additionally, courses should be linked within the catalogue to facilitate students' access. Please visit the catalogue and select 'Verwalter kontaktieren' from the side menu (see also the FAQ linked below).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for OLAT Authors

Should you have questions concerning how to design an OLAT course, please have a look at our FAQ first. If you do not find an answer there, please write an email to:

OLAT Login



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